ASUS Tough Chromebook 11" C202SA - SUPER TOUGH Great for kids

$44.99 Regular price $99.99

What's in the box?
- ASUS Chromebook 11" C202SA
- Chrome OS pre-installed
- AC power adapter

ASUS Chromebooks run Chrome OS, an operating system made by Google, and are an affordable yet powerful option for your computer needs.  Instead of Windows OS or Apple OS, Chromebooks feature multiple layers of security and Google products built-in.

*This is a SCRATCH AND DENT item with a 30-day warranty and may have minor cosmetic damage, such as scratches, scuffs, dents, dings, and /or minor cracked cases. These do not affect the performance of the item.  The screen blemishes will include minor , wear marks, scratching, white and/or dark spots.  The Google Auto Update Policy has ended which does not effect performance its just little bugs on backend thats not updated.  Battery life is not covered under warranty but are tested to work for atleast hour +. Basically these are used but we wont send you a lemon. It has everything you need to get to work or let your kids beat up.