Booster Club

Dear School Booster Club,

Let us help you make quick and easy money for your school by collaborating and empowering your school with ChromebooksRuns

Who we are: An established retail consumer website with the lowest-priced recycled technology. We just launched a program partnering with schools that give a percentage of sales or a dollar amount back to your school with each and every purchase. You choose a dollar amount or percentage!

I am a Mom and former Booster Club chair. I know booster clubs have limited time and resources so it is important to choose the most efficient ways to raise money for your school. We are your optimal choice!


We provide a school fundraising platform with the potential to triple the financial and educational impact to your school!


  1. You receive direct dollars for each purchase just like other school fundraising methods. The percentage given back to your school is very generous and among the highest in the industry.

  2. We add more to the bottom line by simultaneously promoting and encouraging parents to donate our technology to your school library, technology centers, and classrooms which more than doubles the financial impact to your school!

  3. The final is the educational component with the opportunity to educate and promote the use of recycled technology to the kids. Not just teaching them but showing them in a hands-on way how they can immediately reduce their own carbon footprint on their precious earth.


Let’s set up a quick call or coffee and get the process started. It is very easy and time-efficient. The marketing templates are available and easy to customize and email to your parents or print and send home with the kids. We also have easily customizable templates for signage, scripts, or verbiage for social media posts and or websites. We take the work out of it for you!

Look forward to speaking with you!

Nicole McCowan - Founder of ChromebooksRus



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