What To Know About Chrome Updates and Your Chromebook

What To Know About Chrome Updates and Your Chromebook

What To Know About Chrome Updates and Your Chromebook

Google Chrome continues to pave the way for an optimized internet experience. A big portion of that lies in how many great updates come about each year to make the platform and each Chromebook work the best they can. Chromebooks R Us in Fox Island, Washington, is here to provide the six essential bits of information about chrome updates and what they do for your Chromebook. Check out our store today!

Quiet and Automatic

Have you ever noticed the constant chatter chrome does about updates? Neither have we. The beauty of chrome updates is that they are automatically done in the background while you continue to operate your machine as normal. This plays a big role in our sleek and compact products like the HP Chromebook 14, which is easily operated while updating in the background for your convenience.

Frequent Non-bothersome Updates

Not only are the updates quiet, but they are routinely done multiple times a month without any user ever noticing. The standard procedure intervals are every two to three weeks for minor fixes and every six weeks for major ones, with an occasional upgraded fix added from time to time.

Details at Your Disposal

No secrets here; for anyone wanting to find a changelog per update, the official Chrome Releases blog will give you the information you're looking for. We love talking tech if you have any specific questions regarding an update!

Manual Early Access Features

Chrome OS and the Chrome Browser offer a beta channel that allows users early access to test out and peak into upcoming updates for their devices. Feedback is always welcome as well; tell them what you think to make the chrome experience better for everyone!

Long Span of Updates

When you purchase a Chromebook, you don't have to worry about dev support drying up anytime soon. In fact, chrome updates have been and will continue to cover a long period to maintain the highest quality of life enjoyment for all its users.


Information When You Need It

Just like any updates, you have full control over checking important information regarding your Chromebook and the platform in general when it comes to updating support on your specific device. If you're curious about the full list of Chromebooks and their compatibility with live updates, check out the end-of-life-database!

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