Why Chromebook is the Top Choice for Schools

Why Chromebook is the Top Choice for Schools

Why Chromebook is the Top Choice for Schools

As a school administrator, we wouldn’t blame you for looking for high-quality tools to equip your students with the knowledge they need to move on to the next stage of their lives. At Chromebooksrus, we specialize in the wholesale of Chromebooks for schools, businesses, and individuals. If you are a school administrator looking for tools to help your students learn efficiently and effectively, the Chromebook is a great addition to your school. Here are four reasons why the Chromebook is the top choice for schools! Looking for refurbished, affordable laptops? Shop with Chromebooksrus today!

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Google Workspace for Education

You may already know that Chromebook is Google’s brand of laptop, or you may not. But, either way, because Chromebooks are a part of Google’s vast network of software capabilities and creations, when you purchase Chromebooks for your school, you gain access to this wide range of resources. One of these resources is called Google Workspace for Education. When this program is installed, it prevents students from downloading third-party software and allows you to manage your students’ laptops with ease. If you are looking for affordable laptops for your students, look no further than the refurbished laptops from Chromebooksrus.

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Budget Friendly

When you’re looking at computers to equip your students, one of the chief considerations is likely the cost of buying enough computers so that there are enough for every student to have access. Luckily, Chromebooks are some of the most affordable laptops on the market with some refurbished Chromebook models costing less than 100 dollars each. While there are several different models with different processing power and capabilities that have different costs, many of our refurbished Chromebooks are very affordable. If you want help finding the perfect model for your school, reach out to Chromebooksrus today!

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Low Ownership Cost

While the initial, upfront cost of Chromebooks is typically low, the upkeep of these computers is also low. Meaning overall, these are the most affordable computers for your school. How do they keep the maintenance cost low? Chromebooks are reliable laptops and have long battery lives, meaning charging costs and repair costs stay low when compared with other laptops. If you are looking for affordable and reliable laptops, Chromebooks are the way to go. Check out our collection of refurbished Chromebooks and shop for your school today!

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Student Usability

Of course, school laptops are there for the students’ benefit, so how do they work for student usability? In short, refurbished Chromebooks are great for students! Because they are manageable, you can prevent ads and other distractions from popping up. They are also difficult to break since they are made from durable plastic and in many cases will have MIL-SPEC durability (this also cuts back on ownership cost). And, Chromebooks have a long battery life, meaning students will be able to get a lot out of the computer before it needs to be charged again. If you are looking for a laptop that is both affordable and usable, refurbished Chromebooks are the ideal choice for your school!

Chromebooks are the perfect computer for schools due to their affordability, usability, and manageability. Whether you are finding computers for elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools, these computers make great additions to any administration and curriculum. If you are looking for affordable laptops, Chromebooksrus would love to help you find the perfect laptops for you and your students! For more information about our collection or for help finding the right models for your student body, reach out to us today to get started!

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